Greater Than Gold

📒Greater Than Gold ✍ David Boudia

Greater Than Gold PDF
✏Book Title : Greater Than Gold
✏Author : David Boudia
✏Publisher : Thomas Nelson
✏Release Date : 2016-08-02
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9780718078799
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Greater Than Gold Book Summary : One of America’s most heralded young divers, David Boudia twice went for Olympic gold, training obsessively and whole-heartedly for success. In his first Olympics, he failed miserably, not winning a single medal. Four years later saw a different story: he mounted the podium twice, winning both gold and bronze. The difference? In the intervening years, he’d changed the focus of his quest from seeking glory for himself to giving glory to God. In Greater Than Gold, Boudia provides a behind-the-scenes access to the rarefied world of world-class athletics while also showing readers that when they place their hope in God, they receive what they’ve been seeking all along.

📒Eric Liddell ✍ Janet Benge

Eric Liddell PDF
✏Book Title : Eric Liddell
✏Author : Janet Benge
✏Publisher : Y W A M Pub
✏Release Date : 1998
✏Pages : 203
✏ISBN : 1576581373
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Eric Liddell Book Summary : A biography of the Scottish missionary and runner who won a gold medal in the 1924 Olympics and went on to do missionary work in China.

📒Greater Than Gold ✍ Colin Webb

Greater Than Gold PDF
✏Book Title : Greater Than Gold
✏Author : Colin Webb
✏Publisher :
✏Release Date : 1985-01-01
✏Pages : 313
✏ISBN : 0724158634
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Greater Than Gold Book Summary :

📒A Greater Prize Than Gold ✍ M. Helen Henderson

A Greater Prize Than Gold PDF
✏Book Title : A Greater Prize Than Gold
✏Author : M. Helen Henderson
✏Publisher : Book Reality Experience
✏Release Date : 2018
✏Pages : 552
✏ISBN : 0648222233
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏A Greater Prize Than Gold Book Summary : The definitive work on this most prestigious 19th-century English botanist and zoologist who collected in the south-west and Murchison districts of Western Australia in the 1850s and 1860s, and earlier extensively in Tasmania, his collections being sent to the Melbourne botanical gardens and to Kew Gardens. London.This work embraces Augustus Oldfield¿s family background, his formative years and his life in the countries of birth and adoption. Emphasis has been placed on his dealings with the taxonomists to whom he sent his specimens, his income-earning occupations, his collecting and other natural history activities, and the geographical, economic and socio-cultural contexts in which he was operating. Along the way we discovered that his interests extended beyond collecting plants to plant biology, zoology, anthropology and contemporary natural philosophy.

The Deep Hot Biosphere PDF
✏Book Title : The Deep Hot Biosphere
✏Author : Thomas Gold
✏Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
✏Release Date : 2013-12-01
✏Pages : 243
✏ISBN : 9781461214007
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏The Deep Hot Biosphere Book Summary : This book sets forth a set of truly controversial and astonishing theories: First, it proposes that below the surface of the earth is a biosphere of greater mass and volume than the biosphere the total sum of living things on our planet's continents and in its oceans. Second, it proposes that the inhabitants of this subterranean biosphere are not plants or animals as we know them, but heat-loving bacteria that survive on a diet consisting solely of hydrocarbons that is, natural gas and petroleum. And third and perhaps most heretically, the book advances the stunning idea that most hydrocarbons on Earth are not the byproduct of biological debris ("fossil fuels"), but were a common constituent of the materials from which the earth itself was formed some 4.5 billion years ago. The implications are astounding. The theory proposes answers to often-asked questions: Is the deep hot biosphere where life originated, and do Mars and other seemingly barren planets contain deep biospheres? Even more provocatively, is it possible that there is an enormous store of hydrocarbons upwelling from deep within the earth that can provide us with abundant supplies of gas and petroleum? However far-fetched these ideas seem, they are supported by a growing body of evidence, and by the indisputable stature and seriousness Gold brings to any scientific debate. In this book we see a brilliant and boldly original thinker, increasingly a rarity in modern science, as he develops potentially revolutionary ideas about how our world works.

📒The Alchemist ✍ Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist PDF
✏Book Title : The Alchemist
✏Author : Paulo Coelho
✏Publisher : HarperCollins
✏Release Date : 2015-02-24
✏Pages : 208
✏ISBN : 9780062416216
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏The Alchemist Book Summary : A special 25th anniversary edition of the extraordinary international bestseller, including a new Foreword by Paulo Coelho. Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations. Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago's journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.

📒Blood And Gold ✍ Anne Rice

Blood And Gold PDF
✏Book Title : Blood And Gold
✏Author : Anne Rice
✏Publisher : Random House
✏Release Date : 2008-12-02
✏Pages : 752
✏ISBN : 9781409036685
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Blood And Gold Book Summary : The 8th novel in Anne Rice's internationally bestselling Vampire Chronicles Here is the glorious and sinister life of Marius: patrician by birth, scholar by choice and one of the oldest vampires of them all. From his genesis in ancient Rome, to his present day we follow the story of this aristocratic and powerful killer. His is a tale that spans the breadth of time. When the Visigoths sack his city, Marius is there; with the resurgence of the glory of Rome, he is there, still searching for his lost love Pandora. So prevalent is Marius that it is he who gives the dark gift to the illustrious vampire Armand. Intertwined with the stories of a magnificent Pantheon of the undead this account of Marius is the most wondrous and mind-blowing of them all.

Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold PDF
✏Book Title : Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold
✏Author : Nnamdi Azikiwe
✏Publisher : The Mhotep Corporation
✏Release Date : 2020-05-16
✏Pages : 277
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Melanin Is Worth More Than Gold Book Summary : Who would have thought preparations for a March 2014 Sacred Libation Ceremony honoring one-hundred forty-eight African American women lynched in America would result in the observation melanin is worth more than gold? Dr. Frances Cress Welsing first told us the chemical melanin is produced through a process known as melanogenesis upon introduction of the chemical tyrosine to the enzyme tyrosinase. Melanin is found in such diverse places as bird feathers, animal fur, reptile scales, microorganisms, cephalopod ink, mushrooms and even fossils. Additionally, melanin is found in the hair, skin and eyes of people. Melanin is subjected to intense scientific scrutiny. Nevertheless, the highly educated people studying it had no idea melanin is worth more than gold. In June 2014 a post to the Keyamsha the Awakening blog openly declared melanin was worth $353 a gram and $300 a gram more than gold. Shortly afterwards, hoaxers began bombarding the blog with comments claiming "melanin thieves" were harvesting melanin from Black people. The hoax was easily falsified. The hoaxers made certain to never mention the company selling melanin extracted from the ink of sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish. During the intervening years the melanin thieves hoaxers persisted in their efforts. In March 2017, the melanin thieves hoaxers launched a "Melanin Twitter bomb" involving the dollar value of melanin after publicity of black women and girls missing in Washington, D.C. was released. Their actions exposed a frailty in their psyche. They also reveal it is possible to wipe out false information involving melanin and take the melanin challenged inferiority complex (aka racism/white supremacy) along for the ride. It then became clear the time had come to enter the fray and dispel the myths about melanin. This book completely obliterates the false narrative of melanin. Perceiving facts from a melanin-centered perspective bestows upon us an expanded awareness of the world and our place in it. It helps provide the average person a means to immerse themselves in melaninology and emerge a "melaninologist." Essentially, we get to know ourselves. To date no other path for the public to independently verify, or falsify, outlandish claims regarding melanin being worth more than gold on their own without any "guru" to guide them have been made available. At this writing, melanin is worth over $395 a gram more than gold. In ancient Kemet (misnomered Egypt) such words were known as hekau or words of power with the ability to heal. For nearly one-hundred years, since August 13, 1920, melanin put the "B" in R.B.G. and the "Black" in Red, Black and Green as the flag of Africans, at home and abroad.. Those are hekau, also. Our Blood, Our Melanin and Africa unites us. More hekau. The Afro, official currency of the United States of Africa, also known as the African Union, is worth $2.22. We are swathed in hekau to such an extent Mchakato Wa Uponyaji (Swahili for the process of healing) has begun. All of which indicates we are living in a new era: the era when all the generations of man can be called blessed on a planet that works for everyone. This era demands we convene the Ubuntu Convention. That plebiscite sets the stage for drafting the Ubuntu Declaration. In emulating the success of the August 1920 Universal Negro Improvement Association convention, we deliberately create the world where we intend to live. The revival of the U.N.I.A. with 12 million dues-paying card-carrying members positions the organization to have a treasury flush with over $400 million liquid. All of which represents a quantum shift in awareness, perception and power underway as you read this. Through our own actions we bring about the total, complete, and absolute Redemption of Africa for all time.

Rogues Go West Boxed Set Brighter Than Gold In A Renegade S Embrace The Duke And The Cowgirl PDF
✏Book Title : Rogues Go West Boxed Set Brighter Than Gold In A Renegade s Embrace The Duke And The Cowgirl
✏Author : Cynthia Wright
✏Publisher : Boxwood Manor Books
✏Release Date : 2012-04-18
✏Pages : 990
✏ISBN : 9780988886087
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Rogues Go West Boxed Set Brighter Than Gold In A Renegade s Embrace The Duke And The Cowgirl Book Summary : Travel back in time with New York Times Bestselling Author Cynthia Wright. Immerse yourself in the historically colorful American West and discover the adventurous, romantic magic that's created when Rogues Go West! BRIGHTER THAN GOLD: In 1864 Columbia, California, spirited Katie McKenzie writes newspaper articles about the Griffin, a Robin Hood-style highwayman who robs from the unscrupulous mine owners and gives back to the townspeople. When roguish Jack Adams, an adventurer with a secret, rides into town one sleepy afternoon, Katie’s life is changed forever. IN A RENEGADE'S EMBRACE (formerly titled FIREBLOSSOM) Fox Matthews, a recent survivor of Little Bighorn, is in no mood for love, but when he meets proper Madeleine Avery in rollicking 1876 Deadwood, South Dakota, passion kindles in spite of the obstacles between them. As cultures collide between new settlers and the Lakota people, Fox and Maddie discover the secrets of their own hearts. THE DUKE & THE COWGIRL (formerly titled WILDBLOSSOM) “An English Duke and a woman from the Wild West – that’s a combination you just can’t beat!” says author Catherine Coulter. Join impetuous Shelby Matthews, daughter of Fox and Maddie, as she manages the family ranch in Cody, Wyoming and promptly loses half of it in a poker game to dashing Geoffrey Weston, an English nobleman who has come to the West in search of adventure. "Cynthia Wright magically entwines passion and history!" ~ Kathe Robin, ROMANTIC TIMES

📒Currency Wars ✍ James Rickards

Currency Wars PDF
✏Book Title : Currency Wars
✏Author : James Rickards
✏Publisher : Penguin
✏Release Date : 2011-11-10
✏Pages : 320
✏ISBN : 9781101558898
✏Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


✏Currency Wars Book Summary : In 1971, President Nixon imposed national price controls and took the United States off the gold standard, an extreme measure intended to end an ongoing currency war that had destroyed faith in the U.S. dollar. Today we are engaged in a new currency war, and this time the consequences will be far worse than those that confronted Nixon. Currency wars are one of the most destructive and feared outcomes in international economics. At best, they offer the sorry spectacle of countries' stealing growth from their trading partners. At worst, they degenerate into sequential bouts of inflation, recession, retaliation, and sometimes actual violence. Left unchecked, the next currency war could lead to a crisis worse than the panic of 2008. Currency wars have happened before-twice in the last century alone-and they always end badly. Time and again, paper currencies have collapsed, assets have been frozen, gold has been confiscated, and capital controls have been imposed. And the next crash is overdue. Recent headlines about the debasement of the dollar, bailouts in Greece and Ireland, and Chinese currency manipulation are all indicators of the growing conflict. As James Rickards argues in Currency Wars, this is more than just a concern for economists and investors. The United States is facing serious threats to its national security, from clandestine gold purchases by China to the hidden agendas of sovereign wealth funds. Greater than any single threat is the very real danger of the collapse of the dollar itself. Baffling to many observers is the rank failure of economists to foresee or prevent the economic catastrophes of recent years. Not only have their theories failed to prevent calamity, they are making the currency wars worse. The U. S. Federal Reserve has engaged in the greatest gamble in the history of finance, a sustained effort to stimulate the economy by printing money on a trillion-dollar scale. Its solutions present hidden new dangers while resolving none of the current dilemmas. While the outcome of the new currency war is not yet certain, some version of the worst-case scenario is almost inevitable if U.S. and world economic leaders fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. Rickards untangles the web of failed paradigms, wishful thinking, and arrogance driving current public policy and points the way toward a more informed and effective course of action. From the Hardcover edition.